Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Not "Ishmael"

So I had this dream about a wise, telepathic shark in an aquarium in a small college in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The teacher was a great white named Voldermor, like Harry Potter's Voldermort without the -t, otherwise Voldermar (-mar alluding to the sea) was also used in the dream. The student - much like the Alan Lomax characters in Ishmael and My Ishmael - was a seeker of knowledge, and the two had Socratic dialogues about the meaning of a fictionalized Tolstoy's War and Peace - in the dream it was called Troyovski's (it was spelled that way!) Life and Death.

Somewhere along the way, the student helped the teacher escape the college to his spaceship, which also contained a large enough water-filled aquarium for the shark. The student, who I suspect was yours truly, was definitely happy that there was a glass partition between the telepathic shark and myself.

A shark's a shark, isn't it? Okay, maybe the dream wasn't long enough for me to warm up to the non-gorilla, Ishmael-like character...but the shark was named buyer beware.

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