Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Time Has Lost Its Hold

I had a dream that I lived in an alternate universe where I decided to continue teaching. I had the impression that I was employed at the same school, but the buildings were different. It had indoor hallways, as opposed to the school in real life. And it felt like I was consistently drunk at work (which I never was in real life and had always anticipated I would never be).

They had just hired a middle-aged librarian, and she was asking all sorts of uncomfortably friendly questions to me, such as if I was married and stuff like that. I found that to be strange...until it was revealed that I was 54 years old and had a birthday coming up. So it also turned out that I wasn't drunk at work; I just living in a nearly broken body.

So the middle-aged librarian was effectively hitting on a fifty-something, alternative universe, teacher equivalent of myself.

I found that to be even stranger.

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