Friday, October 12, 2007

Who Are Your Friends?

Within the next day or so, The Society of Gloves will officially unveil "Who Are Your Friends?" as a free/donations-accepted download. The song will be linked at the top of this blog, as well as on our MySpace profile. We recorded the song in August, so it's about time we officially release the track for download and streaming.

Unlike our previous "record covers," the album art for this song is just an otherwise unedited (other than cropping into a square) classic painting by Francisco Goya: "Saturn Devouring His Son." Last year's album art also had classic, public domain art, but the images were heavily modified. We pretty much left Goya's painting alone, albeit cropped. As you can see from the thumbnails above, we'll also use another part of this painting for "Time (Lose Your Hold)," which will be released soon.

The darkness, despair, and franticness of Saturn just fit the mood of the song like a glove. The word "devour" is also used in the lyrics, if you want to get obvious about it. Check out the original painting by Francisco Goya:

At the recent Peter Chavez album release, a random observer compared my friend Jason Loya's artwork to that of Francisco Goya, so be sure to check out Jason's art too.

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