Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Talking Baby Animals

I had a dream last night where I was a temporary caretaker (a babysitter) to about a dozen kittens, puppies, and little birds. They were well-behaved - for the most part - and they could talk. They all spoke English. It was rad. And yes, it was also cute.

There was only one problem. One of the kittens apparently disliked another kitten, and I had to somehow resolve their little feud. I gave this cliche spiel about all the baby animals being family even though they had different parents or weren't part of the same litter. Since they all hung out in the same living room environment for seemingly an eternity (as I presumed they were perpetually youthful talking animals), that constituted being in a family that should stick together. I guess that worked to resolve the differences between the two kittens, but I wish I had remembered their names.

After the exciting confrontation, all the exhausted baby animals went to sleep in a circle formation. I think I passed out too (in the dream) and strayed into another dream.

I wish I had remembered all of the baby animals' names. They all introduced themselves to me at the start of the dream, and I'm sure there's a part of my brain that stored that information, but there's probably little chance of me accessing those names. Well, I do remember three names. I think one of the baby animals was named Scottie or Scooter, or maybe there were two with each name. And there was a kitten named Applesauce. You can't forget someone named Applesauce!

Kitten photo credit: André Karwath (Aka).

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