Tuesday, October 02, 2007

"Immagine in Cornice" DVD Tracklist

Here is a quasi-accurate tracklist for Pearl Jam's Immagine in Cornice: Picture in a FrameDVD. The bold, numbered tracks are the band's concert songs in order of presentation, while the appropriately italicized titles are - for the most part - listed in the end credits. In any case, it's a bit difficult to know which McCready or Ament instrumental is which.

Anyhow, the list of songs:

1. Severed Hand (Milan)
2. World Wide Suicide (Montage)
3. Life Wasted (Torino)
Mike McCready's score:
"Meander #1"
"Meander #2"
"Frentic 2 Edit/Abstract"
"Abstracts-Whale Sounds"
Other soundtrack music: "Pesina Marina."
Ed practices "Immortality" before a show.
4. Corduroy (Verona)
Ed and Mike play the first verse and chorus of "Lukin," acoustically.
5. State of Love and Trust (Milan)
"Wasted Reprise"
6. Porch (Verona)
7. Even Flow (Torino)
Jeff Ament's score:
"Forest is My Church"
"Only Cloud in the Sky"
8. Better Man (Verona)
9. Alive (Milan)
10. Blood (Verona)
Boom plays "Heaven Can You Hear Me Now" in a Pistoia cathedral.
11. Comatose (Pistoia)
12. Come Back (Pistoia)
"Donato's Dance (Vivo)," with hints of "Alive."
13. Rockin' in the Free World (Pistoia)
Eddie Vedder's "Transcendent Mental Clarity."
Ed sings "Picture in a Frame."
"Love Boat Captain" plays during the end credits.

Bonus Tracks:
1. A Quick One While He's Away (Ed with My Morning Jacket in Torino)
2. Throw Your Arms Around Me (Ed solo in Pistoia)
3. Yellow Ledbetter (Milan)

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