Monday, October 01, 2007

Digidesign Strike: Our Favorite Robot Drummer

I feel the need to blatantly sing the praises of Digidesign's proprietary plug-in for Pro Tools called Strike.

Strike is a virtual instrument RTAS plug-in that, as I have redundantly stated one sentence ago, only works with Pro Tools. But never, ever, ever call Strike a drum machine. You'll hurt his feelings. Strike is programmed to be like a human drummer, sometimes random in action and timing...yet solid and consistent like an experienced drummer. You can tell Strike to be varying degrees of loose or tight, depending on the mood of the jam. Right out of the box, Strike knows how to play a near-myriad (okay, not quite 1000) genres, and several grooves and fills within each genre. Of course, as any friendly robot should, Strike is fully prepared to learn a new thing or two...that is, if you have the chops to teach him.

Anyhow, we've only begun to scratch the surface with our favorite robot drummer Strike. While strike is a natural at 4/4 time, he can almost adapt to other time signatures at the click of a mouse and a stroke of the keyboard. Chances are good, though, that Strike still would like your input in terms of where to place the accents (usually the snare). That's not a bad thing, as Strike needs to know if the musicians he's jamming with are within the same ballpark as the almighty Strike. If you don't have the knowledge to unlock Strike's full potential, Strike won't take you to the next level. It's like when someone tells you something groundbreaking, and you berate him/her for not telling you sooner - and that person's response is almost always, "You never asked."

That's the potential of Strike. We, the Society of Gloves, need to ask Strike better, deeper, and more philosophical questions - musically speaking, of course.

The other day, we were at the local Home Depot buying AA batteries and using the self-checkout to be our robot cashier. Anyhow, Strike was all getting his mack on with the robot cashier...'cause STRIKE IS THE MAN!!!

Drumsticks photo credit: Uryah.

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