Monday, October 22, 2007

Band Name Deathmatch

I stumbled onto this bit of trivia recently: There are 21 bands named "Parousia" on MySpace. Since the term parousia refers to Christian eschatology, most of those bands are either play Christian music or death metal (it's only natural with the supernatural/spiritual overtones of metal in general)...or both. That's the problem with having one-word band names...the one who gets famous first (or trademarks their name or publishes something through ASCAP, BMI, etc.) gets to keep the name. Even then, there are all sorts of potential litigation to arise from a myriad disgruntled parties.

After the smoke clears, the losers will be forced to add a suffix, such as an X or their country of origin's abbreviation, to their band name...or change their band name altogether.

Let's just say that I'm glad we're The Society of Gloves, but obviously there several Society of _____ names and organizations in this world.

I wonder what will become with all the Parousia bands in the United States. Will they sue each other (especially as they are mostly supposedly Christian bands)? Who will win?

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