Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Archive of Music Review Blog Entries

We've opened a new blog called Muze Nuze 'n Revuze at to organize our various music review blog entries at various blogs around the Blogosphere. No, this blog isn't a simple copy-and-paste job, but a concise summary of the reviews containing the following features: (1) Artist name, (2) album or film title, (3) quick review summarizing the album/film, (4) a track worth noting - whether good or bad - and (5) one or more links to further reading about the album/film.

Anyhow, we are slowly building the music review archive; so far there are articles for relatively recent releases. Every article is organized by release date, so hopefully there will be some blog entries with timestamps from decades past. I hope that Blogger will give us that function.

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