Thursday, September 13, 2007

Super Grim Academy

Back in the peak heat of this summer, I dreamt that I was not only the Grim Reaper, I was Mr. Grim Reaper, Death School Teacher. Seriously. The students I taught in the past were my macabre class, as I lectured on the fundamentals of soul delivery to the afterlife. In my dream, we were actually on a field trip to deliver a couple of souls - in the form of glowing mothballs - to Hell. Double seriously.

Man alive, was it hot down there. (Keep in mind it was also hot in the real world.) After I demonstrated to my class - they were all great students in high school so they were also awesome Reapers-in-Training without a doubt - I saw a monument of a pillar that rose from the lava below. (Was this Hell or Mt. Doom? Mothball souls or the One Ring? It was a dream!) At the top of the pillar gushed a waterfall. In my head, it was a sort of courtesy refilling station for us ethereal postal workers. In any case, it was freaking hot, so I flew up to the pillar and was refreshed by the waterfall.

Of course, in the real world, I simply rolled over to be within range of the nearest electric fan.

My friend and associate Jason Loya had a much more surreal and optimistic dream about some form of afterlife, and I had the privilege of hearing the story of his dream, and that's what reminded me of mine.

The subconscious can be a strange place...most of the time.

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