Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Letting It Breathe

These past two months, I've been writing about the recording process for our two newest songs in many of the entries. The songs are pretty much recorded, but we haven't posted them either on our MySpace or here yet.

Part of the reason is the simplest - we're busy with other things, sadly enough. The other part of the reason is more utilitarian - we need space from production before starting the final mix and possible master (although we'll leave the mastering for a larger collection of songs).

To have that removal from being in the midst of production will definitely give ourselves a better, fresher perspective on the song in post-production, as it were. Anyway, we hope to have both songs as ready as possible soon...but that didn't stop us from playing early mixes at Radio@MU. So check out that show if you want to hear our new songs.

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