Sunday, September 30, 2007

Jimmy Chamberlin Drum Loops

I bought M-Audio ProSessions 24 Jimmy Chamberlin Signature Drums Volume 1 a little more than a year ago, hoping to inspire some groove songwriting and to give a little kick to the Society's demos. It's really great fun to jam with Jimmy, something I'd like to do in real life (one can wish, right?).

Jimmy's drumming is very unique, so you can tell which Pumpkins song is which just by hearing the drums. And I don't just mean the obvious "I Am One" iconic drum riff. So if you're a Smashing Pumpkins fan, and you would like to do some really ACCURATE covers, then by all's Jimmy! (I haven't really gotten around to recording Pumpkins covers, but Jimmy's drumming is an ideal starting point!)

Here's the promo video that is bundled with Jimmy's drum loops. It is an obvious M-Audio informercial, but I like M-Audio products. The Society uses several M-Audio products - including M-Powered Pro Tools - for the recording process.

It kind of makes me wish that the Society would have an endorsement deal with M-Audio and/or Digidesign, too.

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