Friday, September 28, 2007

Guitar BEST BUY! Center

Evidently, Best Buy is slowly but surely getting into the musical instruments game, a la Guitar Center and Sam Ash. Here are the benefits of each newly-created guitar store wing of the major electronics chain: Peace and quiet. These store sections look like mini-Guitar Centers with a wall of guitars, an acoustic room, a drum room, etc., but while they're new, barely anyone travels from regular Best Buy to musical instruments Best Buy. Peace and quiet, other than the bored employee pleasantly wailing away on a guitar.

No, this is not an advertisement for Best Buy; this is more of an observation and maybe a helpful hint. Like many big chain musical instrument stores, Best Buy will allegedly price match the lowest price, and they'll order anything that doesn't fit into the store.

I wonder if they'll be able to score the elusive green iLok for me...

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