Monday, August 20, 2007

Another Point of View

This is something that has been said by countless other songwriters before, so please think of this as my concurring opinion. Anyhow, I've been in this quasi-rut, finding all chord progressions to be cliche, and all keys to sound pretty much the same. So I decided to drop the guitar (for the time being), and I picked up a ukulele. That was already a good decision, as it provided a nice change of voice.

I changed some of the chord voicings around...suspended notes and such...and I was on to something. Basically, it sounded like the riff from Boston's "More Than a Feeling" but with a ukulele and suspended chords. Cool.

So I gently put away the ukulele, and I picked up the guitar I had dropped. Added a capo, played the similar voicings on the guitar, and BOOM! I'm playing a re-energized song. It still hints of "More Than a Feeling," but what I-IV-vi-V progression doesn't?

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