Friday, August 24, 2007

Alien Amplifiers

I had this dream the other night. It was set at a strangely designed Guitar Center. I don't quite remember the details, and since it was a dream, more details would create more confusion, but somehow the amplifiers were infected with a disease.

Anyway, this amplifier disease made the amplifiers grow a slimey goo around them, as well as horror film eyeballs and tentacles. The tentacles reached out and grabbed people and absorbed them into the amplifier goo. I guess that was how the amplifiers ate.

So there was pandemonium (obviously) in that Guitar Center, and everyone who wasn't digested by the eyeball-tentacle-slime-amplifier monsters ran as quickly as possible outside.

Oh boy, there was a surprise in store for all of us!

There was a big cube of densely packed Marshall stacks - the kind arena rock bands would have on stage - and that mass was covered in - you guessed it - green goo, eyeballs, and tentacles. It was devouring anyone who approached it.

I had no choice but to kick this dream into lucid mode. I took my (evidently) trusty sickle (I was in fact, a grim reaper/high school teacher in an earlier dream) and began to kick some alien amplifier ass.

I destroyed a couple of great looking amplifiers, amp heads, and cabinets (underneath the goo of course), but I had to save the day.

And so I did. The end.

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