Monday, May 09, 2005

M.E.D.I.A. Festival W.R.A.P. Party - May 7, 2005

Jeffrey Champ opened the W.R.A.P. Party show. The band consisted of Jeffrey (vocals/guitar), Jonathan Rex (guitar), and Joseph Dawa (drums). We played three songs:

1. No Hope
2. Who Are Your Friends?
3. Love Is Destruction

Since we lacked a bass player, we decided to keep the guitars thick and grungy by not playing guitar solos--we kicked it Nirvana-style! Joseph, however, was indeed the almighty Joseph Dawa, as he gave the thick guitars a very finessed rhythm--very Pumpkinsesque! As for my vocals, I am still working on making it more grizzled and grainy--it actually forces me to feel the emotion of the music.

In total, it was a great show. Many thanks to Advent for letting us use their large amplifiers and drumkit. Their set rocked! Unreformed played later in the night, and they were also great!

Special thanks to everyone for coming to the show! The Wandering Troubadour Tour 2005 continues...

Love transcends,
J. Champ

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