Sunday, March 27, 2005

Jeffrey Champ's Concept Album

Jeffrey Champ / Dear Mis...

ACT I - concerning her suitors
1. Drink the Soul
2. The Troubadour
3. A Declaration of Desperation
4. Love Is Destruction
5. Who Are Your Friends?

ACT II - concerning her nightmare
6. Shiva Complex Blues
7. Your Evil Twin
8. Launching Rockets
9. Vengeance
10. The Rain

ACT III - concerning her destiny
11. A Letter from Misericordia
12. A Stranger Comes to Town
13. You and Me (and the End of the World)
14. No Hope
15. Somnus

This is going to be a very rock-oriented album. I've demo'd most of these songs, but I want to take these songs to the next level. I'm currently looking for the Order of the Troubadour (musicians to jam and record with) and the Society of Gloves (a co-producer, team of engineers, mixers, etc., as well as business-types who'll respect the music and not screw over the musicians).

I want this "concept album" to be as epic and grand as divinely possible. It may not be groundbreaking, but I want this collection of songs to ROCK.

love transcends,
J. Champ

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